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Great Conversation Starters and Finishers Part I

To begin with, allow me to do my part in dissipating an axiom that’s time has come and gone. Discussing politics, religion, and sex is no longer the faux pas it once was. This is not to say that you should zero in on these subjects for your discussion fodder, but you don’t have to be afraid to delve into any one of them. Discussing politics, in case you haven’t noticed, is pretty depressing. Perhaps reason enough to approach this conversation topic gingerly. Religion? While there are […]

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Conversation in an Age of Confusion

What do people talk about when they all believe different things and nobody is sure what the other person believes? Then you add to that the usual courtesy that most people don’t want to offend other people, especially when it comes to the topics people disagree about with the most intensity, such as politics and religion, which all but the most foolhardy consider way off limits, at least, in what is referred to as polite conversation. Actually, the silence of the times is far wider. In fact, […]

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