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Good Dating Conversation

There is nothing quite like it. You are out on a date, and suddenly both parties run out of […]

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The Quick and Easy Formula for Starting a Conversation With Any Woman

When it comes to dating, every man wants to know how to start a decent conversation with a woman, well, here’s how to do it 1. First of all, it’s crucial you establish good eye-contact. Eyes are the windows of your soul, and having a visual connection with a women shows tells if she’s also interested. To establish good eye-contact, look her in the eye, and keep looking just a bit longer than you normally would. If you catch her looking at you a couple of times, […]

How to Replace Your Sales Script with A Conversation

The main problem was that sales scripts ended up cornering the person I was calling into a “Yes” or “No”. And that made me feel sleazy and just fed the negative “salesperson” stereotype. It seemed too unnatural to pick up the phone and immediately pitch what I had to offer. I felt I was assuming way too much when the person didn’t even know me. Now I want to share with you how my entire approach has changed thanks to Unlock The Game. I spent one whole […]

First Date Conversation Tips

You are on your date, sitting in front of your date, you ordered something to drink, and now what? Before you start to talk about the weather, here are a few tips that will help you pass the evening successfully: Preparation Before going out on your first date you should write down a few questions you could ask your date in case the conversation will get stuck. People who go often on dates usually know by heart their list of questions and they draw them out at […]

Tips on Conversation Starters

Going out on a date can be really exciting and enjoyable especially when you,re having the time of your life with your date. The key factor in great dates is great conversation. Striking up a conversation with the other person can put too much pressure on you especially if you know so little about them. This is one reason why you and your date should start asking questions about one another to get to know each other on a deeper level. When you found something in common […]

Good Dating Conversation

There is nothing quite like it. You are out on a date, and suddenly both parties run out of […]